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Hi, I am IZ…

I am a 9 year old boy from Singapore.  I like to travel because I enjoy the movies on the flight.  One of the most memorable trip is Dubai, I have never seen so much sand all around me before!


This is Renee and welcome to my son’s travel journal.

Our small family of three loves to travel, explore what the world has to offer and create amazing memories.  And he started his very first trip before turning one.

From the beautiful Twelve Apostles in Victoria, freezing cold winter in Harbin, amazing helicopter ride over The Great Barrier Reef and the stunning golden desert in Dubai, IZ has been able to appreciate all the diversity the world has to offer!

As a mom, I know other moms would definitely want their kids to experience more in life.  And travel is an amazing experience as it broadens their horizons!

Ever since I found a better way to travel, my family has been able to do more quality travels with the same budget and I am indeed thankful for this and would like to pay it forward in hope that this way of travelling will be of great value to you and your family in the long run.

Feel free to contact me and will share more!

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